Basking for Clarification…

An author of a previous post clarifies which side she’s on:

Oh my goodness…. I wrote the post that has been titled “dissenting voice.” I was completely unclear/vague in my last line!

I am NOT a dissenting voice […]! I am completely and utterly FOR the strike. Management is wrong. Sweeping away 30 years of collective bargaining is completely wrong. Ending collective bargaining as we know it is completely wrong. Asking us to roll over and “take it” (I’m not going to complete that thought, but in my anger you can imagine how I would finish that phrase), counting on fear and (perhaps) ignorance to get a NO vote is completely wrong.

I welcome the chance to exhibit the moral courage needed to stand up to increasingly arrogant and forceful anti-union forces and fight for the collective good of all workers.

I now know that [my] College voted against the strike. I’m ashamed, and demoralized. I simply CANNOT understand how people who live paycheck to paycheck, like most of us, can be against organizations that try to look out for them. I simply cannot understand it. It goes against all logic and reason.

I hope this post is more clear!

I’d say that it is.  Personally, I’m in favour of banning all pronouns, to avoid future misunderstandings.  🙂


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