January 13, 2010 Strike Vote Results

Province-wide OPSEU CAAT(A): 57.03% YES

Province-wide voter turnout: 74.76%

Colleges whose faculty voted >50% yes: 18 of 24

College-by-college breakdown (in descending order of “Yes” votes, with thanks to “Easternfaculty”)

Boréal 87.04% 12.96%

Sault 80.99% 19.01%

Lambton 79.02% 20.98%

Canadore 76.73% 23.27%

La Cité 76.72% 23.28%

Loyalist 72.22% 27.78%

Centennial 70.15% 29.85%

Confederation 67.76% 32.24%

Sheridan 67.32% 32.68%

Northern 63.00% 37.00%

Niagara 62.45% 37.55%

Cambrian 60.61% 39.39%

George Brown 59.07% 40.93%

Fleming 58.09% 41.91%

St. Clair 56.79% 43.21%

Durham 55.81% 44.19%

Mohawk 54.88% 45.12%

Seneca 54.85% 45.15%

Algonquin 49.64% 50.36%

Georgian 47.34% 52.66%

Conestoga 45.78% 54.22%

Humber 43.21% 56.79%

Fanshawe 41.01% 58.99%

St. Lawrence 37.57% 62.43%


Utterly irrelevant bit of non-context:

Barack Obama’s portion of the popular vote in the 2008 Presidential Election: 52.9%

Percentage of U.S. states and districts he won: 29 out of 51


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2 comments on “January 13, 2010 Strike Vote Results

  1. prof says:

    It would be very interesting to analyze and discuss the possible reason(s) for the wide spread in results from the colleges. Does it have anything to do with the percentage of partial load vs. full time and was there reason for them to vote differently? Did it come down to the OPSEU locals and their presentations to faculty in their respective colleges? What other explanations are there?

    Now the real fun begins! Let’s see what surprises the college bargaining team has in store!

  2. My initial guess was that GTA-area colleges would be lower on average, but I don’t think that the numbers bear this out. It might just have to do with the level of organization and activism for a “NO” vote on each campus. I think that the average when negotiations began was somewhere slightly less than 70% yes — the question was then well a NO side could mobilize.

    I’m planning on devoting a post to the various lies that the NO side had to resort to, later on.

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