Recent Changes

Hi all,

Just a note that I’ve filled out my description of the Workload Task Force report: It now has a table on the bottom, comparing the two sides’ positions.  I’ve also added a new report from a partial-load faculty member in the Prof’s Stories page.  Lately, the feature article has been my response to the management’s latest bit of PR.  I have, however, added a “share” button at the bottom of it, in case you’re interested.

Next on the ball for me (and, I wish, the college management’s bargaining team) is to address the issues surrounding Partial Load faculty in the current bargaining.  Please e-mail me at, if you can provide any of your own personal insights on that issue.

Lastly, my apologies for having messed up my e-mail address in previous posts — they’ve all now been corrected, I think.  You can also reach me by clicking on the “Comments” button, since all comments first come to me for approval, before publication.

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