Of Salaries… and Kings

A kind correspondent in the GTA directed me towards the 2009 Compensation Guidelines for OCASA.

What’s OCASA?  The Ontario College Administrative Staff Association.  That’s right — our administrators, supervisors, chairs, deans, and VPs.  The college management, in short, whose Council has told the professors (and the media, and the students) that they cannot afford to offer profs more than 1.9% annual salary increases over the next three years, on average.

And why can’t they afford it?  Well, another piece of the puzzle falls into place.  The managers’ 2009 Compensation Guidelines — the money they receive for just one year — include:

  • A 1.5% increase across the board for all adminstrators, plus
  • A 4-6% increase for managers whose work is deemed (by other managers) to be ‘Superior’; a 2-4% increase for ‘Fully Satisfactory’ work; and up to a 2% increase for those whose work is ‘Satisfactory / Needs Improvement’; plus…
  • An annual “exceptional bonus” increase (for managers who have reached the top of their step/pay scale) of up to 4% for Administrators and Assistantants; up to 7% for managers and supervisors; up to 10% for Senior managers and directors; and up to 15% for Vice-Presidents.   [Please remember the College management bargaining team’s reaction when the union requested a similar one-time premium for faculty who had reached the top of their step/pay scale.] Plus…
  • Bonuses of up to 8% for managers who are promoted or reclassified into a higher position, plus…
  • An additional bonus of up to 5% for managers who have been given additional responsibilities than before [ah, yes, additional workload… where have I heard about that?], plus…
  • An additional bonus of up to 5% for managers who receive additional training or certification that improves their performance.  [Something tells me that this might include getting a Ph.D. — a thing for which professors receive no additional compensation.]  Plus…
  • A bonus of up to 8% for managers who take on added, outside responsibilities [that’s like overtime, isn’t it?], plus…
  • A potential bonus for chairs, to ensure that they receive a base salary of at least more than 13% more than the highest-paid faculty under them (including those with coordinating duties), before the above bonuses are applied

I’m speechless.  Absolutely.  Fucking.  Speechless.


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