Contract Offer Vote — Incomplete Results (Miami-Dade County Edition)

Well, with 95% of the ballots counted, the vote result is 51% in favour of accepting management’s offer; 49% in favour of rejecting it.

Those other 5%?  They’re the mail-in ballots (submitted by professors on leave or those in locations that did not feature balloting).  The Ontario Labour Relations Board has ruled that they’ll be counted… on February 17.

No word yet on whether Hanging Chad has proven to be a factor.  (But I think that his executioner needs to do a better job with the nooses, regardless.)

You can read the union’s response here; the college management has provided a breakdown by college here.

Hit “Comment” to send a 1-2 sentence response with your impressions.  I hope to devote tomorrow to your reactions (by which time I might have figured out my own).  Since all comments are moderated, I’ll ensure that they stay anonymous.

P.S.  The blog reached 20,000 hits today.  That’s a testament to your own interest and involvement, and I thank you very much for them both. 

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