Contract Offer Vote — Your Reactions

Your words, occasionally edited for length, below:

“I’m furious.  This should never have happened.  We have union representation for a reason.  The colleges simply preyed on the emotions of the faculty, and it worked.  What a disaster.”

“All the baby steps of progress that evolved from years of the union’s commitment for a better and more humane educational and work environment, has been flushed away. Newer faculty members have little or no clue what it has taken to get them the small perks they enjoy today.  Perhaps they will re-examine their devotion to students as they watch more and more fall through the sink holes of management driven, corporate education.”

“I find it strange that the vote is so close when the overall perception and discussions in the hallways are so polarized & emotional with very little gray.  I’d also be curious as to whether the vote was ‘influenced’ by the sheer massive amount of information/paper overload staff have received from both sides during this process.”

“If it means we have to accept that inadequate offer with such a sliver of a majority, and wait another 3 years for improvements, I may not be around for the next attempt. As an exhausted Partial-Load professor (who is also part time at a University) I will jump ship the minute something with better working conditions comes along. (Even if it means leaving education altogether.)”

“Can we just end the agony? Did they count ‘absentee votes’ during the strike vote? If not, just accept the inevitable. And how are votes ’spoiled’ or ‘off by one vote’?”   [Actually, yes, mail-in ballots were counted during the strike vote, but the window for mailing in a ballot ended on the day of the vote.  As well, spoiled ballots frequently have a preferred expletive written across them. — Ed.]

Okay, I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that I have an ideologically-aligned readership.  But still — any thoughts in favour of a ‘Yes’ vote?

Lastly, a letter that those of you calculators can respond to:

“counted 4021 for strike and 4075 against…. the college has added 265 votes from colleges not listed??? it should be 50.33 % for strike..based on seneca’s statistics on votes that can be accounted for which college they came from”

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