A Mature Student Connects Some Dots

A student in the GTA reminds us that the “perfect storm” formed by incoming students coupled with the latest contract might result in a bumpy ride over the next couple of years:

Hello, I’m a returning “mature” student (49 years old), and since August of last year, I’ve been following all the events pertaining to the strike that was supposed to happen. The post by a professor from the GTA titled “On Business and Services,” presented some key points about this ongoing academic dilemma. Kudos to the prof.

With the final tally after the mail-in votes (that included the 700 plus extra people hired on during the weeks before the final count, mmmm), the spread is still around 50/50. With such a close margin, it’s obvious that neither side is comfortable with the end result, and the problems have not been resolved.

Unless I’m completely blind to what’s going on, the problems are going to continue and surface again to bite everyone in the proverbial ass.

The state of the world economy is the real reason that we’re in this academic dilemma. The enormous number of people that have lost their jobs, and the amount of students leaving high school (without any jobs available) has forced us to return to school to upgrade and better our chances at landing a decent job, when the economy takes a turn for the better.

It’s understandable that Colleges and Universities were never prepared for the sudden increase in the number of students. We live in the down-loadable, internet speed of existence, which means that the average person expects results “Now!” Unfortunately, this cannot be accomplished in the real world.

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