Soliciting Input on Modified Workload Agreements

Things have slowed down around here briefly, mainly because summer sees me travelling with only intermittent internet access.

Over the next couple of months, I’m hoping to revamp the site somewhat, getting rid of some of the pages that were more relevant during the contract negotations.

Some new themes will include a discussion of Modified Workload Agreements.  To facilitate that, I’m asking (as usual) for some of your experiences — I have heard some profs have been on the receiving end of feel-good sales pitches regarding the new Collective Agreement.  Please contact me at to pass along your experiences of what your own managers have been saying about the new Collective Agreement, or the Modified Workload Agreements to which you may have been encouraged to agree.

I’m hoping to have weekly posts throughout the summer, and (with your support and contributions) to return to my usual posting frequency by September.

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