Strike Vote Reactions (II)

Some different reactions to Thursday’s strike vote have come in to  I’m happy to give pride of place to our most frequent contributor:

While not wholly redemptive, yesterday’s show of solidarity in the face of managerial paternalism, disrespect and indifference to the greater issues of authentic education certainly seems to betoken a new and better mood and strength of character among college faculty.

An endorsement of the “strike mandate” by 75%, 80% or (preferably) over 90% would have been tremendous, but a result of more than two-thirds support for our position was probably good enough for now. So, a hearty shout of “well done!” is much deserved by the organizers, activists and members of the Union Locals across the province.

Whether the employer will soften its position of blatant, contemptuous predismissal of our demands (not obsequious “requests” as one local college management put it) remains to be seen.

The fallacious and frankly irrelevant claims that the colleges can’t afford the alleged financial costs of “academic” freedom must not prevail.

Academic freedom and faculty co-determination of college policies are not luxuries which we wish to enjoy, but are essential in and definitive of any colleges worthy of the name.


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