About this Blog

Currently, this blog is devoted to discussing workplace issues that affect the professors, librarians, and counsellors at Ontario’s Colleges.

The site is in the process of evolving, to discuss issues of educational policy, professorial community and commonality, and pretty much whatever else you want to talk about that relates to the work that we do.

The blog is devoted to analyzing issues including collegiality, professionalism, and the academic quality of Ontario’s colleges (and the graduates thereof).  The College Prof in question is me, Dr. Jonathan Singer, English Professor and President of OPSEU Local 560 (which represents Full-Time and Partial-Load faculty at Toronto’s Seneca College).

Feel free to contact me at ontariocollegeprof@yahoo.com (or by replying to a post) and let me know what’s on your mind.  I’m happy to publish letters representing a broad spectrum of opinions, although I retain my right to voice my own.  The easiest way to get a letter published on the blog is to address it to the general community of Ontario college professors and to write in a respectful tone.  All published responses/letters will be kept anonymous.

The speech undertaken in this blog is undertaken with respect to my roles as an Ontario postsecondary educator and a Union steward.  It enjoys all legal protections offered in Canada and Ontario, as well as those afforded by Seneca College’s Policy on Academic Freedom.

Lastly, this blog is in no way affiliated with the CAAT-A Bargaining Team, which is currently in the process of negotiating a new Collective Agreement for Ontario College Faculty.